Heavy Equipment Hauling Services: A Guide For Prospective Customers

Posted on: 20 April 2017

As the owner of a construction business or professional service that requires heavy equipment use, you are bound to find times in your daily operations when you will need to transport a piece of equipment outside of your usual location. In these situations, having access to heavy equipment hauling services can be an incredible advantage. If you have never had any experience with these types of professional services, you are bound to have questions. Take a look at this list of common questions about heavy equipment services and the answers you will want to know. 

What types of heavy equipment can be transported?

The type of equipment that can be transported by a specific service or carrier will depend on their availability of hauling equipment. However, in general, you can expect a heavy equipment hauling service to be able to transport things like: 

  • cranes and hoisting equipment
  • tractors
  • loaders, dozers, and trackhoes 
  • skid steers
  • forklifts 
  • mine and well drilling equipment 
  • heavy load power tools and equipment accessories

In addition to heavy equipment, some companies even have the capability to haul large-stature items, such as homes and home components, prefabricated structures, and large commercial HVAC systems. 

What is used to transport the different types of heavy equipment?

Most professional heavy equipment haulers have a full line of things they use to haul various pieces of equipment and they will use these items to create the perfected plan of transit for your particular items. While many will use basic flatbed trucks or semis to haul things, many use other things like double-drop trailers, step-deck trailers, multiple-axle vehicles, outer-perimeter trailers, and much more. Rest assured that your heavy equipment will be handled with the utmost of care and attention to Department of Transportation regulations and rules. 

Will the heavy equipment be insured during transit?

With one piece of heavy equipment being so valuable and expensive, it is only natural to be concerned with its well-being while it is in transit. Thankfully, most heavy equipment haulers do have business insurance that will protect your equipment from damage during transit. If an item arrives at its destination any different than it was when it left you, this insurance will kick in and cover the costs of the necessary repairs. 

Knowing what to expect can help you feel better about hiring someone when you need their help to haul your business tools and items. For further information, talk to a heavy equipment hauling service like RBS Hot Shot Service, LLC.