Securing Your Power Source Through Proper Location: Advantages Of Pole Mounted Transformers

Posted on: 24 April 2017

For most people, electricity is something that's just counted on to work. Little thought might go into the best way to maintain the electrical system in a home or business, but when faults occur, people are quick to look for explanations. As a property owner, it's vital that you develop a deeper understanding and make informed choices when it comes to handling your electrical system.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of choosing a pole mounted transformer. If you've never been placed in a position to determine the system you want, these advantages should provide you with a solid perspective to help understand why keeping your transformer mounted will help keep your power functioning at its best.

Less Damage

Most of the time, transformers are unassuming boxes which lay quietly in wait outside of a property and perform their job with minimum fuss. However, when they're located on the ground, they can also be a nesting spot for rodents and a magnet for damage from lawn care equipment, vehicles, and other harm sources.

By mounting your transformer on a pole, you're less likely to see all of those concerns. Even birds may not be particularly attracted to a pole mounted transformer as a nesting spot, as the electric currents are often sufficient deterrent.

Greater Reach

If your property consists of multiple locations that all have power needs, a ground mounted transformer may not be able to fulfill all of them. It can be a struggle to run adequate lines to and from a ground based system, and you may be forced into making sacrifices in your layout.

By mounting your transformer on a pole, you can pick a central location that's not encumbered by physical layout and which is specifically selected for maximum reach. This can allow you to meet your power needs and avoid perpetual frustration that may come with ground restrictions.

Less Danger

Though your transformer will be heavily shielded, locating it on the ground can still put both animals and people at risk. Small children have a habit of playing near the very things you most want them to stay away from, and as mentioned above, rodents and other small animals can see a ground mounted transformer as an attractive place to nest. By pole mounting your transformer, you can avoid any unfortunate accidents that may otherwise occur and keep everyone safely away from a high voltage risk.