Does Your Construction Business Need A Trailer?

Posted on: 4 October 2017

Trailers can make traveling from one construction site to the next easier. Your crew can easily pack up the equipment and be ready to go within a short period. However, if the trailer is not properly fitted for your business needs, you could have problems with efficiently transporting your equipment. Luckily, by determining the answer to these questions, you can find the right trailer for your business:

Should You Buy or Rent?

Before you focus on the features that your trailer needs, you need to determine if buying or renting is the best option. Both options have several benefits to consider.

For instance, renting a trailer helps you avoid the expenses that come with maintaining it. If you have a mechanical problem with a rental, you can return it for repairs. Renting also means that you have quick access to the trailer needed. Instead of waiting on your own trailer to be customized, you can simply choose one that has what you need.

Owning a trailer can help save money over time. Instead of spending money on costless rentals of the trailer, you can have one at your disposal when needed. Although you might have to wait on customizations, you can be sure the trailer you purchase has everything you need.

What Are the Mechanical Customizations Needed?

Despite its simplistic appearance, the trailer has several mechanical elements that you need to pay attention to in determining which one is right for your business. For instance, the tongue length is important. The tongue plays a major role in how stable the trailer is when it is being towed.

A longer tongue means that it will be easier for the towing vehicle to maneuver. If you do want a shorter tongue, you need to be prepared for the extra weight on your car. Shorter tongues place a higher percentage of stress on your vehicle.

You also should consider the axle of the trailer. The axle is one of the more challenging parts of the trailer to replace. Before buying, you need to check on the availability of replacement parts. If you are buying a used trailer, check the axle to determine if it is welded to the frame of the trailer or if it has been attached to the suspension system. The latter is a far safer option.

Take your time and research your needs before deciding on a trailer. Once you know what you want, consult with a dealer to explore your options.