A Guide To Post-Tensioning Concrete Work

Posted on: 2 December 2017

When you are in need of some concrete work, post-tensioning is a technique that you need to become familiar with. This is the act of strengthening your concrete using metal rods strategically after it has already been installed. There are a lot of benefits you will receive when you take advantage of post-tensioning. To be certain that you are able to get the most out of your concrete work, follow these strategies and reach out to some professionals that can handle it for you:

Why is post-tensioning beneficial?

Before you reach out to a concrete professional to help you out with your post-tensioning work, you need to first see exactly why it can be helpful to you. A lot of people love post-tensioning work because it fortifies their concrete to last for years. You'll be able to save some money on materials as well since you reduce rebar by upwards of 75 percent. This work is also much quicker than other forms of concrete work. You'll be able to save plenty of money in the long run, while also getting concrete work that is incredibly efficient for your property. 

How much will it cost to get post-tensioning work?

You need to start getting estimates on post-tensioning work when you want it to be successful. This requires you to speak to a number of different contractors that can offer you some cost estimates. These cost estimates will allow you to also determine your budget for materials and labor. You can expect to pay approximately $5 per square foot for any post-tensioning work on your concrete. Be sure that you also get a warranty on this service so that it is protected in the form of a secure policy. 

What can I do to find the best concrete contractors?

When you are looking for top quality post-tensioning work, it starts with reaching out to a few great contractors. Start asking for referrals so that you can have a head start figuring out which concrete professionals are the best for the job. You will want to ask about their background and also request examples of past worksites they have completed. Ask about any past lawsuits or other formal complaints that the concrete contractors have had filed against them. Above all, ask them questions related to the job to be sure that you're getting high-quality results.

Consider these tips to get the most out of your post-tensioning concrete work. Contact a company like Advanced Post-Tension, LLC for more information and assistance.