Get The Most From Your Pallet Loader Skid Steer Attachment

Posted on: 11 November 2018

A pallet loader for your skid steer can make your life much easier. Whether it is moving objects around the warehouse or a construction site, this attachment is reliable and flexible. However, to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from the pallet loader, there are certain usage practices you want to keep in mind. Learn how you can get the maximum benefit out of this attachment.

Verify the Attachment

Before you can expect to get any benefit from the pallet loader attachment, you must first ensure that the attachment is the correct option for your skid steer. A common misconception people have is that all skid steer attachments fit all machines, but this factor is not the case, especially when it comes to weight. 

For example, if the pallet loader exceeds the weight guideline for your machine, when you put any weight on the loader, the skid steer could actually tip over and cause significant injury. Make sure you don't select any equipment without performing your research first. 

Survey the Area

Always look at the area where you plan to use the skid steer before you attempt to use the loader. It's imperative that you use the loader on a surface that is as level as possible. For example, if the ground is uneven, it's likely that the weight on the pallet loader will shift. If the weight shits too quickly, it could cause a weight imbalance that may cause the entire skid steer to overturn. 

You also want to ensure that you don't try to use the loader in too tight of an area. You need to have clearance for the loader to fit comfortably. If you use the loader in too small of an area, there is a chance you could damage the loader in the process.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Make sure the tire pressure on the skid steer is correctly monitored to protect the pallet loader. A pallet loader works best when it remains several feet off the ground. When the tire pressure on the skid steer is too low, the pallet loader will rest too low, which could lead to damage.

Additionally, the tire pressure of the skid steer affects its power. If the pressure is too low, the motor will have to work harder to move the steer. When you consider that the skid steer will already have to work harder to support the weight on the loader, the added pressure from low tires will only put an excessive amount of wear on the motor.

An attachment for your skid steer is an investment. Make sure you follow these tips, and others, to protect your investment and get the most use from the additional equipment.