Need A Crane? What To Look For When Hiring A Crane Service

Posted on: 26 December 2019

If you need a crane for your next project but you don't have any experience with the machine, you need to hire a crane service. With a crane service, you not only rent the crane; you also receive a trained operator. However, you do need to ask some questions before you sign a contract for the use of a crane service. Here are just four steps you need to take before you hire a crane service for your next project. 

Ask to See the Maintenance Records

If you're going to utilize a crane service, the first question you want to ask should be about maintenance. The crane service provider should have complete and thorough maintenance records for every piece of equipment they send out for rental. Before you sign for services, make sure you're able to inspect the maintenance records. Pay close attention to issues that might pose a risk for you and your crew. For instance, has the crane that will be used ever been involved in a work-related accident due to mechanical issues? If the crane has a questionable maintenance record, ask for a replacement. 

Ask for Proof of Operator Licensing

If you're going to sign a contract with a crane service, you'll want to ask to see proof of operator training. Each operator that will be working on your site should have current licensing for crane operation. Proof of license will ensure that each operator has logged the correct amount of hours and received additional training and certification. Be sure to obtain proof of training and licensing for each person who will be operating a crane during the project.  

Talk About the Routine Inspection Process

If you're going to be renting a crane through a crane service, you'll want to ask about the inspection schedule. Routine inspections ensure that problems are addressed before they can pose a risk of accident and injury. For maximum protection, cursory inspections should be part of a daily routine for cranes, with more in-depth inspections occurring on a weekly and monthly schedule. 

Identify the Cancellation Policy

Finally, if you'll be utilizing a crane service for a construction project, you'll want to ask about the penalties for rental cancellation. You never know when circumstances are going to change, which will require you to cancel or reschedule the project, especially where weather and permits are concerned. Knowing what the cancellation policy is will help you avoid problems later. For more information about crane services, seek out a local company like Bogner  Construction Co that can answer your questions.