4 Reasons To Update Your Electric Forklift Fleet

Posted on: 30 January 2023

A fleet of electric forklifts can be an excellent solution for any major material handling task, and these efficient, environmentally friendly machines are used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and project sites up and down the country. However, while electric forklifts are robust, reliable machines, they will not last forever, and it may be time to upgrade your business's forklift fleet.

New electric forklifts can be a serious investment, especially if your business relies on a large fleet of vehicles, but investing now can save you time, money, and trouble later. Here are four reasons to update your electric forklift fleet with the latest and greatest models:

New Battery Technologies

If your business's electric forklift fleet is more than a few years old, the forklifts will probably be fitted with lead-acid batteries. Consider replacing these models with new forklifts using lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Forklifts equipped with modern Li-ion batteries are more expensive than lead-acid models, but they are well worth the extra investment.

Li-ion batteries have greater energy storage capacity than lead-acid batteries and can run for significantly longer periods between charges. They also recharge several times more quickly than most lead-acid batteries and can be recharged using a standard power supply instead of a dedicated charging station. Li-ion batteries also require less maintenance than lead-acid batteries, and because they do not contain powerful battery acids, they are safer to work on.

Even if you decide not to invest in Li-ion electric forklifts, new forklifts with the latest lead-acid battery models can be a sound investment. New lead-acid batteries are considerably more efficient and long-lasting than models manufactured just a few years ago.

Decreased Maintenance Costs

Because new electric forklifts require less maintenance than older models, your business will lose less time and money performing essential maintenance and repairs on your fleet. You can also save money on replacement parts and spares for your new forklifts. Spare forklift components inevitably become more expensive as the forklifts become older, especially if their components are no longer manufactured.

New Fleet Management Technologies

Many modern electric forklifts use integrated fleet management software. This software automatically tracks the forklift's usage history, maintenance history, average recharging time, and other useful metrics. These technologies provide invaluable statistics that can help your business use its forklift fleet more efficiently.

Space Saving

As electric forklifts become more advanced, they also become smaller. Many of the newest pallet jacks have lifting capacity comparable to that of full-size forklifts manufactured several years ago. Replacing your old, bulky forklifts with new, compact models can be a great way to save space on your work site. 

Smaller forklifts don't just require less storage space—they can also be safely navigated through narrower aisles and openings. By choosing smaller forklifts, warehouses and other storage facilities can rearrange racks and shelving with narrower aisles. This can significantly increase usable storage space in your facility.

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